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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry New Westminster

For many people, a visit to the dentist is a source of anxiety and the prospect of dental procedures, especially anything beyond routine cleanings, provokes extreme anxiety. Fortunately, if you suffer from such overwhelming fear, this need not stop you from seeking treatment for your dental issues. Sedation dentistry can release you from your anxiety and make your dental visits relaxing and pain-free

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

While dental procedures can be performed with only local anesthetic to numb the area being worked on, many patients experience anxiety and even fear, regardless of whether they will be able to feel any pain. This leaves then unable to relax and can lead to panic. Sedation dentistry offers patients a variety of options to curb their anxiety.  Our sister office can provide several methods of sedation, from mild sedation, which allows you to relax, to deep sedation, which allows you to doze through your procedure. The level of sedation required by each patient varies, depending of the intensity of their dental anxiety, and a Halo Dental, we will discuss your fears with you and help you decide which level of sedation dentistry is right for you.

The three main levels of sedation we offer are:  

  • Minimal sedation: For patients with mild anxiety, the level of sedation simply helps you relax, while leaving you fully aware.
  • Moderate sedation: Also known as Conscious Sedation, with this level of sedation, you are awake, but it may affect your speech, causing slurred words, and you may not remember your dental procedure.
  • Deep sedation: For patients with high anxiety or dental phobias, this is one level above general anesthesia, and will keep you on the edge of consciousness. You may doze, but you can still be awakened.

Sedation Methods

Just as there are different levels of sedation, there are also different methods of administering sedation. Again, we will discuss with you which option is best suited to your particular situation.

Inhaled Minimal Sedation: Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is administered, mixed with oxygen, through a mask which is placed over your nose. The amount of nitrous oxide that is delivered can be adjusted to meet your sedation needs. As it wears off quickly, you will be able drive soon after and can get yourself home unassisted.

Oral sedation: Administered in pill form, oral sedation may be minimal, to moderate, depending on the dosage, so is suitable for patients with a higher level of anxiety. As it takes longer to wear off, you will require assistance to return home after your appointment.

IV sedation: Administered directly into your bloodstream through a vein, IV sedation allows for the quickest, deepest and most precisely controlled level of sedation, which can be adjusted over the course of your procedure. This method of conscious sedation is best suited to patients who experience extreme levels of fear, or dental phobia. As with oral sedation, assistance returning home after the procedure will be required.

Performing Sedation Dentistry

While most dentists can perform inhaled sedation and administer sedation in pill form, our sister office is fully certified by the British Columbia College of Dental Surgeons to perform IV sedation dentistry.

If the prospect of dental visits and procedures provokes anxiety and fear for you, whether mild or severe, at Halo Dental we have a sedation dentistry solution to reduce or eliminate your fear and leave you relaxed and comfortable.

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