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The Dangers of Avoiding the Dentist

  October 20, 2018

One of the worst things that you can do for your dental health is avoid the dentist. Some of us have a fear of the dentist, while others feel like they just don’t have the time. However, it is necessary to visit your dentist for a check up at least once a year.

At Halo Dental, we have an amazing dentist here in New Westminster who offers all the dental services you need at affordable prices in a pleasant setting. Visit our clinic in New Westminster today and avert the dangers of avoiding the dentist.

Bad Hygiene

We may think we know how to clean our teeth properly, but more often than not we are missing a spot. It is tough to tell this ourselves, as we can’t see the inside of our mouths properly, nor do we have professional knowledge. With regular visits to the dentist, we are able to stay on top of dental hygiene and make sure our mouths are totally clean and cared for.

Major Health Risks

Sometimes, our mouths can be where serious issues start and regular visits to the dentist mean that they can be spotted early and stopped in their tracks. The dangers of avoiding the dentist include the early stages of serious illnesses, like cancer, going undetected. With regular dental check-ups, anything abnormal can be identified and easily treated.

Unnecessary Surgical Procedures

Like most things, if a dental issue is not treated at the beginning, it will only get worse. For example, a small chip that could have been filed may end up getting bigger, becoming infected, and you could eventually need a root canal. Our dentist in New Westminster will be able to undertake this procedure with ease and make sure you are as comfortable as possible, but it could have been avoided with regular check-ups.

Encouraging Irrational Fears

When it comes to our dentist in New Westminster, there is nothing to be afraid of. However, you won’t discover that if you keep avoiding us. Not visiting the dentist only encourages irrational fears. Book in for a simple check-up and you will discover that there really is nothing to be afraid of. And once you get regular check-ups, it is unlikely that you will need anything more. Bite the bullet and you will soon be able to enjoy all the benefits that come with having good dental health.

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