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Gingivitis Could Worsen into Periodontitis

  June 25, 2018

Our teeth are very delicate, yet also incredibly strong and resilient. They can last over a hundred years, if we treat them as they deserve to be treated. By following a good oral hygiene routine, we can prevent a lot of dental issues. But if some do come up, they’re most effectively treated and spotted by a dentist at your local dental office. They can spot and are able to treat issues such as gingivitis, which some of us might have heard about, and periodontitis, which fewer people may know about.

What is periodontitis? Periodontitis is also known as gum disease, and it is serious. A google search will reveal it often causes “shrinkage of the gums and loosening of the teeth.” Untreated, gingivitis could worsen into periodontitis, which is not a disease anybody wants. So while gingivitis may seem innocuous, something as simple as gingivitis can lead to a pretty serious dental condition and possibly even the loss of teeth.

For anyone who is worried about having gingivitis, it might be time for a trip to the dentist, and it’s important to remember that gingivitis, when treated early, is completely reversible or, in other words, curable. A dentist and hygienist can spot and treat gingivitis and help with an oral hygiene plan, helping to ensure a lifetime’s worth of healthy teeth!

It’s important to include a dentist in the overall lifelong dental routine we must practice in order to hold on to our teeth – twice a year should cover it, unless there are any risks or conditions that make more frequent visits necessary. With a dentist’s help, we can put our best smiles forward and enjoy the life we want to live – with a nice, healthy set of teeth and a clean mouth, capable of chewing through all the foods we enjoy!

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