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Could Your Headaches Be Caused by Your Teeth?

  November 5, 2018

Having a headache can range from being a little impractical to downright debilitating. In either case, they are not something that is pleasant to experience. They affect our work and free time and can make it difficult or dangerous doing basic tasks, such as reading or driving.

The causes of headaches vary, but there is one particular root that is often overlooked. In this piece we are going to look into whether your headaches could be caused by your teeth.

For a long time, both doctors and dentists have looking into the question, could your headaches be caused by your teeth? There is knowledge in the field of medicine and dentistry that the ear, nose and throat are all related, and other areas like the teeth, head and neck are related as well.

Today we are going to look at three reasons as you why your headaches could be caused by your teeth.

Tooth Decay or Infection

Dental headachesis a term for referred pain that is really in your teeth but presents itself in your head. One of the reasons for pain could be tooth decay or infection. If you have either of these, then you should visit a dentist. You may end up being pleasantly surprised at the fact that when this issue is resolved, your headaches will be too.

TMJ Issue

This acronym stands for a temporomandibular joint issue. This is the jaw joint. If it is misaligned, it can lead to many problems, including pain in the head, neck, or cheeks. If you have problems with your jaw cracking or locking, or feel a lot of tension in it, this tension could likely be spreading to your head and causing the headaches. This can be treated with orthodontics or splint therapy and often these will bring a lot of relief.

Teeth Grinding

Most people don’t consciously grind their teeth, but it can frequently happen when they sleep. This puts pressure on the jaw, as it is being clenched and it can damage the enamel on teeth, leaving them at risk to infection. As we have already learned, both of these cause headaches, so teeth grinding can absolutely be at the core of the pain you are experiencing.

If you have tried and failed to find the cause of your headaches, consider visiting us at Halo Dental to see if your teeth are the cause of your headaches.

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